Sunday, November 30, 2014

Book Review for December 2014 (II): How I won the Love Deal

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Making a deal with an arrogant guy is difficult. Making a love deal with the same? It is complicated. Here are the few pointers to win a deal, with your ex-childhood best friend. 

1. Cook for him and make sure it’s a mess. If it makes him sick, all the better. 
2. Buy him a gift. It is better if it is something really cuddly. 
3. Ignore him completely, when he starts to notice you.
4. Go on a date with the new guy and get caught while you’re trying to kiss 
5. And finally, get yourself kidnapped. His heart, body and soul will be yours to keep. As Liana tries to make Asher fall for her, just so she can humiliate him, she realizes she isn’t the right person for the job. She needs the help of her friends and a little bit of luck. But what she needs most is restraint; the love deal has more fine print than she gambled for. 

About the Author:

Ada Wiam is a self-confessed chocoholic and a book worm, a writer and a dreamer. She loves creating characters and their worlds with her imagination and a little ink. She finds both contentment and escape through writing stories. Happily married with a wonderful family, a loving husband and supportive friends, Ada divides her time between writing and reading. Ada Wiam is a pen-name. 

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